Weekly Update

Hey Everyone! I’m dropping in quickly. I had all intentions of catching up on race recaps and posting one tonight..but I have just hit a wall tonight. We were out of town and outside for most of the weekend, I think I’m fighting off a sinus infection (can’t I just be healthy for once), and I’m scheduled to get up early tomorrow for an 8 mile run. So this is going to be a quick one and then I’ll get back to race recaps tomorrow.

Last week I did a little over 7 miles on Monday and they were a hard 7 miles. It was my first long run since the Ray Tanner 12k and it hurt. Mentally I felt good, but physically my body felt every step. I made it through though and am glad I did it. Tuesday I did my second RPM (spin) class and loved it. I love the way I feel after a spin class. I’m taking them to get used to riding again and get used to using my new shoes for the bike. Currently when I try to ride the bike in the neighborhood, I am scared to DEATH! I don’t know why..but something about trying to hold my balance, being so high up, and being so wobbly just makes me so uneasy. So I am doing spin on Tuesdays and then doing practice rides around the neighborhood on Wednesdays. It’s hilarious (and SCARY!) because sometimes when I need to turn, my arms just lock up and I can’t turn. I’m also trying to get used to getting started and stopping..needless to say it has been interesting.
Thursday we were out of town and I ran 2.37 miles at the race track we were at near Atlanta. I was planning to do more, but after doing this hill…

…followed by about 5 more “rolling” hills…I was hurting and headed back for base. I was supposed to do a hill work out Saturday, but with feeling like crud and already feeling like I had done a hill workout of sorts..it didn’t happen. It wasn’t a great workout week, but it wasn’t completely awful. I’ll take it. Alright..I’m headed to bed..I’ll catch up with everyone later. Good night!

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Our New Home

So..I mentioned in a previous post that we are in the process of building a new home.  It is what has taken up so much of our time.  We are building with the company/builder we both work for and that allows to be more on the inside of what’s going on during the building process of our home.  It’s something that we have been dreaming about for years and we can’t believe that it is finally coming to fruition.  As of right now, we are looking to move in right around Thanksgiving.  In the meantime though..I’ll leave you with some exciting pics to bring you up to date!

I know this post was short on text..but you know you really just want to see the pictures for now.  I’ll update as we get closer to being done and tell you all about the gadgets and gizmos in the house.  Hope everyone has a great week!


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Running Updates

So in the past few weeks, my running has been on a weird roller coaster.  I’ll just go week by week of giving total miles and then any comments I have about that week.

September 1 – September 7

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 6.2 Miles – Blythewood Labor Day Run
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 6.2 Miles

After having a frustrating race…I took the rest of the week off.  Mentally I was beat and needed to get out of that slump to get motivated to run again.  It was a dark time that we

ek for running and I.

September 8 – September 14

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 6.99 Miles – Outside Run
Tuesday: 3.63 Miles – Outside Run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7.14 Miles – Outside Run

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 17.8 Miles

This week was better, but I was still struggling to get to my 7 miles.  Whether it was time or motivation..either way…I was struggling  Saturday morning we had to leave the house early.  I was determined to get a decent run in though.  I wasn’t sure how far I was going to go and I allowed myself to leave it open so that I didn’t put the added stress on myself.  Secretly I wanted to hit the 7 mile mark, but I wasn’t ready to commit and tell anyone that was how far I was going.  I went out and did it though and my pace was really good.  Up to that point, my average pace for the longer runs was 11/mile or above.  This run was a 10:18 pace.  It was just really nice out and the run seemed to come easy.

September 15 – September 21

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6.2 Miles – Run to Irmo – Dam Run

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 6.2 Miles

I don’t remember what happened or what was going on this week that made it so I didn’t run all week.  It’s just the way it worked out.  However, we did do the Dam Run that Saturday and it went

better than my first 10k.  I’ll recap more on that soon.

September 22 – September 28

Sunday: 3.7 Miles – City Run
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 2.91 Miles – Recovery Run
Saturday: Rest

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 6.61 Miles

After the Dam Run we got cleaned up and drove to Charlotte to hop a plan to Pittsburgh.  I’ll post more on this experience and this trip soon.  The first morning we were in Pittsburgh, Andy and I got up and went for a short sightseeing run.  The pace was awful..but there was a lot of walking and stopping to see sights.  It was fun, but I was also coming down with an awful cold so it was starting to feel a little miserable.  That cold fed into the rest of the week.  I had the most awful congestion, felt feverish at times, achy, and just overall sneezing, coughing, etc.  I felt like death.  I didn’t start feeling remotely better until Thursday evening..so that’s why I attempted a run Friday morning.  My body wasn’t ready and I turned around sooner than planned.  It did help in getting stuff up and out of my chest though..so that’s a win.

September 29 – October 5

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 7.29 Miles – Outside Run
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 8.01 Miles – Outside Run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3.1 Miles – Palmetto Health 5k

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 18.4 Miles

This was an awesome week.  From having 2 down weeks basically, I was ready to get up and run…and run I did.  I ran Monday’s run at a 11:14 pace and Wednesday’s run at a 10:58 pace.  They both felt good and left me feeling strong afterwards.  Saturday we did a 5k with a friend of ours and I had a great race! I’ll recap it soon, but it was just full of all kinds of positive things.  I can’t wait to recap that one.  Saturday we also spent the day working on our new lot though, hauling trees and bricks.  By Sunday I was done and my legs were toast…I really needed a pair of compression socks for that day.

October 6 – October 12

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7.5 Miles – Ray Tanner 12k

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 7.5 Miles

I was planning to get one more long run in before the 12k, but when we were working on our new lot the Saturday before, I pulled a muscle in my lower back.  There were times through the week that I couldn’t walk hardly.  I was really worried about running the race.  I just kept applying ice and heat, having Andy massage my back, and doing gentle stretches and exercises to encourage the healing process.  I finally made the decision mid week that I was just going to go do my best and deal with the consequences after the race.  This was supposed to be my big race for the season, the race I have been training for, I wasn’t going to let this pulled muscle keep me from starting.  I’m really glad I didn’t because that race was AWESOME! I’ll recap it soon.

So that’s the running catchup.  I’m taking this week to work a new training plan.  The plan I had only took me to the Ray Tanner 12k.  However, there is a half I’m eyeing in December.  Once I can work a plan and do my research..we’ll see how realistic it is.  I’m ready to get running again.  After a great race, the bug has taken hold and my body want’s to get back out there.  I’m trying to give it a few days to rest though and trying to take a few days for my back to really heal.

2013 runs this far

I’ve included a screenshot of my 2013 running chart from map my run.  I am happy at the amount I’ve increased my running this year and I can’t wait to take it further. I will be back with regularly scheduled running updates next weekend.


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Catching Up on Life

Good afternoon!  I figured my first post back from my blogging hiatus would just be a life catch up.

September has been a very busy month.  It started with a bang with the Blythewood Labor Day 10k which I’ve also blogged about.  You guys allowed me to pour out all of my pitifulness and offered back nothing but support and encouragement.  For that I am so appreciative and want to thank you for your words of kindness. Writing the post alone really helped in moving past the bad race and get back into the swing of running.  That said, September has been a pretty good running month.  I’ll do another post specifically on catching up on running.

Another exciting thing going on is something I’ve been keeping quiet lately.  However, I think it’s time to let it out.  We are building a new house! Those that know us personally, know this already and are probably sick of hearing about the new house, but we are so excited.  I’ll also do another post dedicated to the new house and provide lots of pictures of the house up to this point.  We are really hoping to be moving in by Thanksgiving.  The house in itself takes up a lot of free time.

Because we are planning to move soon, we have been working on our current home to get it ready to rent.  We opted to try and rent it out versus selling it.  Wish us luck on that new adventure.  However, I feel like I’ve been painting for months.  Before I was painting some of current furniture to better go with the theme of the new house and now we are painting some of the rooms in our house to better neutralize the colors and pallet of the house.  I will be so happy when we are done painting!

Mid September we ran another 10k and you can expect a race recap for that race soon.  That same weekend we also took a mini trip to Pittsburgh to see a Pirates game and a Steelers Sunday Night Football game.  Another dedicated post coming for that trip.

I spent a good solid week with a horrible cold that pretty much made me worthless for most of the week.  By the time I was getting better, we were starting to roll into October and I realized that I hadn’t posted in forever!  Last Saturday we ran a 5k and did some major underbrush clearing at the new house.  Now here we are today!  Like I said, I really just wanted to do a quick life recap.  I’ll get into the nitty gritty details in the dedicated post of each topic.  Look for more coming soon!

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I’m Still Here

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately.  I really didn’t mean to write such a pitiful post and then ditch you guys.  This month has just been super busy and it completely flew by.  I promise to be back with regularly scheduled posting soon and I’ll be telling you all about what has been going on in our lives.  I also have good running updates as well.  Anywho, I just wanted to pop in and say I’m sorry and that I’m still alive.  Talk to guys later!


Blythewood Labor Day 10k – Recap

I’m really struggling with this post.  I’ve never had such a roller coaster ride between two runs.  That’s what it was though.  My last post was about this unbelievable 6 mile run I did and how great it made me feel.  I was going into my first 10k feeling strong and confident.  Then Sunday afternoon, my stomach starting hurting and cramping up badly.  Nothing I ate was agreeing with me and I started to worry about race day.  I got up Monday morning and ate my normal pre-run/pre-race food..a banana.  My stomach was still cramping going up to the race.  I tried to smile through it and kept telling myself that it would go away when I started running.


I was stressing a little as well because this was the first race my family was doing.  My mom, brother, and sister were all doing their very first 5k race.  I’ve been running with my mom once a week to help get her ready and I was excited to see what she thought.  I did have to come to the conclusion the few days before the race that I couldn’t make her or the rest of my family like running.  I wanted them to be just as excited as I was about the race…I think they were excited..just not as excited as me.  So..we (Andy and I) got to the school where the starting line was around 7.  Our race started at 7:30 and the 5k started at 7:40.  My family showed up at like 7:25…talk about stressing me out!  So I tried to situate them real quick and then lined up for the 10k start and tried to get in my zone.

The horn sounded (I actually remember seeing and hearing a horn at this race) and we were off.  I quickly lost site of Andy per usual and began to focus on my race.  I got about a mile into the run and my stomach really started to make itself known.

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of each mile because it wasn’t pretty.  I was hurting bad and running was just miserable.  There was definately some walking in this race.  There was actually thoughts around mile 4 that if anyone I knew drove by at that point..I would seriously consider a lift back to the school..yea a dnf…on my first 10k.  However, no one drove by and so I just kept moving.  I took water at every stop and even though I didn’t really need to fuel on this race..I ate the last shotblok I brought with me for just in case.  It didn’t help.  Nothing helped.  I got to the point where I was about a half mile to the finish..it was also the most visible portion of the race…everyone at the school would be able to see you..I knew I couldn’t walk the last half mile..although by that point I was doing run 1/walk 1 intervals.  My pride wouldn’t let me walk where everyone could see me though.  So just before I went around the corner for that last half mile, I stopped.  I literally stopped during a race and allowed myself 20-30 seconds to breathe, pep talk, and pull it together for half a mile.  Then I ran…I ran the last half mile to the finish and as I turned the final corner to the finish line I ran harder.  I pushed with everything I had.  I opened my stride to try and pick up speed and I just pushed.  I wasn’t going for a time at this point, I had way passed my hard time and was just past my slow time.  No..I was pushing because I knew the faster I went, the quicker I would get to the finish line and could stop running.

And that’s what I did.  As soon as I crossed the finish line I stopped running.  However, I couldn’t stop walking.  Andy said that he and my family were waiting at the finish line, but I didn’t see them.  I was in too much of a zone of pain, disappointment, and embarrassment.  So I kept walking past the crowds at the finish line.  At some point someone handed me a bottle of water…I don’t remember seeing who it was..I just kept walking.  I walked closer to the school and leaned against the wall to stretch.  I needed some sense of privacy and facing a brick wall was the best it was going to get.  I knew I needed privacy because I was angry and upset.  As soon as I started to stretch, the tears started falling.  I don’t know why I was crying, but I couldn’t stop.  I was so upset over my first 10k being such a failure.

Andy came up after a few minutes to check on me and as soon as he placed his hand on my back, I felt fresh tears starting to fall.  He always has that effect on me when I’m upset.  I think that when he holds me or comforts me..it opens up a whole other level of vulnerability that just makes me cry harder.  Anyway, I told him what went wrong and how bad my stomach was hurting.  I was trying to calm down, but I could tell that I still probably looked like a red face cry baby.  I could feel my family somewhere behind me, but I just couldn’t stand to turn around and face them looking like such a mess.  I was embarrassed by my race and embarrassed that I broke down so publicly.   I wanted to motivate them and set a good running example and make their first race experience a happy one where everyone had a great time.  Not one where they saw me in tears after a grueling race that I almost didn’t finish.  I felt defeated.

Eventually I was able to gather myself though and join the group.  We hung out for the awards and for the times to be posted.  I’m so proud of everyone.  Andy for doing his second 10k race and still having a good time, my mom for doing her first 5k and finishing in 10 minutes less than any time we did during training and my brother and sister for actually waking up early to race and for both finishing 2nd in their age groups.  I tried to smile and laugh my way through for the sake of not being a total dud..but I just really wanted to go home.  I wanted to wallow in my defeat.   Thanks for everyone for not making a big deal out of it though.

I wish I could say that I’ve moved past it.  I understand that everyone has a bad race every now and then and that I can build from this.  Mentally, I know that…I know that it’s just one race..but emotionally..I’m still defeated and hurting.  Emotionally, it’s still too raw and it’s uncomfortable to talk about the race.  It was my first 10k and it totally sucked.  I was miserable the whole time and I don’t even want to think about reliving it.  Writing this brings tears close to the surface that I struggle to keep down.  I haven’t moved on yet and I don’t know when I will…it was my first 10k and it went very poorly.

I know I have the opportunity to redeem myself in a few weeks at the Dam run…but it won’t be my first.  I have no doubts I’ll have better runs..but they won’t be my first 10k.  I think I’ll remember this run for a while.  I think it’s going to take longer than a minute for this run to not feel so raw.

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My First 6 Miler

Last Monday I ran my first run over 6 miles.  To say I was nervous was an understatement.  However, I was also very excited.  I was doing a completely new route as well and I was anxious to see how it went.

Normally I wouldn’t write a post just about one run, but this run was different.

The run started out pretty nice.  The weather was gorgeous.  I perfect cool temperature and the sun wasn’t really out for the first half of the run. Other than some small inclines…the run was predominately downhill it felt like for the first couple miles.  I was in for a rude awakening though around mile 3.  That’s when the hills started.  There must have been like 5 up and down hills between mile 3 and 4.  Having really only done gradual inclines…these hill’s were brutal! They definitely added some spice to my run.  Once I got to a point that I knew was going to be pretty flat until I got home, I was starting to get a little pumped.  I was doing 6 miles…WITH HILLS.  I finally felt like I was going to be okay with the 10k.

This run felt pretty special to me all week.  It felt like such a huge milestone and it had me on a running high all week.  I felt like no run was too long now.  I know it’s only 6 miles and I have a ways to go before the half and full marathons..but I’ve never run 6 miles in my life.  I don’t think I’ve even walked 6 miles in my life.  I am just so excited and pumped still.

I feel like I will actually make it on my 10k on Monday and I feel like I can go  in with time goals instead of just the goal of finishing.  I can’t wait to recap my first 10k next week.

Thanks for sitting through this self-indulgence post.  I’ve just never gotten that kind of high off a run and it felt blog worthy..so here it is.  Have you ever had a run that really sticks out to you as an awesome run?  Do you remember the run that really felt like a milestone to you?

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Weekly Running Update

So, this will be more of a 2 weeks in one update.  Blogging has kind of gone by wayside lately and it’s time to get back on the wagon.

Last week (August 19 – 23) was the week after the Feed the Need 5k. Not a bad week.  Did about mileage I expected.  However, looking back, it’s made me realize that I kind of have had 2 low mileage weeks in a row…hmm..time to get back to work.

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 4.67 Miles – Outside Run
Wednesday: Stretch Day
Thursday: 5.71 Miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Rest Day

Weekly Mileage Goals: 11 Miles

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 10.3 Miles

I intended to take Monday off so that I could have 2 full rest days since the race.  That was nice to have and it allowed me to feel fresh for training on Tuesday.  That was actually supposed to only be a 3.5 mile run, but I was running with my mom in a different area than I was used to and we got so lost.  Due to time, we actually had to have Andy come pick us up.  Next time I’ll stick to roads I’m familiar with.   My run on Thursday was pretty crappy.  I just could not get going.  My legs felt sluggish from the get go and my body nor mind did not want to cooperate.  It took a lot of mental pushing to do the distance..but there was a lot of walking in that run. Therefore I ended up taking Friday as a rest day as well.  I really just needed a few days to get my mind and body back in order.

This past week (August 26 – 30) was low, but mentally and physically it was much better.

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 6.27 Miles – Outside Run
Tuesday: 3 Miles – Outside Run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest

Weekly Mileage Goals: 19 Miles

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 9.27 Miles

Even though my actual was much lower than my goal…I was okay with that.  I realized that planning to do 19 miles this week was not realistic.  This coming Monday (Labor Day) I will be running my first 10k and I want to be as fresh as possible for that race.  I was going to get up Thursday morning and do a treadmill run, but changed my mind at the last minute for a few reasons.  One, we had a few late nights last week and my sleep was suffering; two, we were going to Charlotte on Thursday and would be walking around a lot.  The last thing I wanted to do was run a long treadmill run Thursday, then walk around all day..that didn’t sound like it was going to spell fresh legs for my first 10k. I’m really glad I didn’t because by the end of the day Thursday, my legs were beat from just walking around all day. We went to Bank of America stadium for the Steelers/Panthers preseason game and that involved a few trips up and down stairs.  I was really glad I didn’t run Thursday morning.

So yea, in two days I’ll run my first 10k.  I’m already having dreams about it.  I’m trying to stay ready and not let my nerves get to me.  I haven’t done that distance but once, but I feel confident in my ability to run it.  My easy goal is to run it in under an hour and ten minutes, but my challenging goal is to run it in under an hour and five minutes.  Wish me luck!


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Feed the Need 5k – Race Recap

So we have officially done our first race out of state.  This past weekend we went to visit my in-laws in Marietta, OH. It’s literally the first exit of I77 once you enter Ohio.  A few weeks ago we decided we were going to make this trip and when we did so, we thought we’d check around and see if there were any races that weekend.  Turns out there was a 5k/10k  about an hour and a half north in Coshocton, OH and the funny part is that we actually have very close family friends that live in Coshocton.  So we signed up (me for the 5k and Andy for the 10k) and packed up our running shoes for our first out of state race.

I didn’t think ahead and realize how little sleep we were going to get this weekend though.  Friday afternoon we got off work at 6.  We hurried home and grabbed the dog (thankfully we already packed and loaded the car) and then proceeded to drive the 7 hour trip to Ohio.  With a couple of potty stops for the dog and a subway stop for dinner, we finally made it to my in-laws about 1:30am.  After unpacking and prepping for the run in the morning, we got in bed around 2.  The alarm was set for 5 and I was looking forward to a hard 3 hours of rest.  Roughly 5 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go out, Yota woke me up asking to go outside.  Really! I know it’s only 5 minutes..but on so little sleep, 5 minutes is very precious!

So we got up, showered and dressed.  By 5:30 I was upstairs in the kitchen (Andy’s parents have a split level home with the kitchen being on the main floor, 3 bedrooms on the top floor, our bedroom & the living room on the level below the kitchen, and the basement being the lowest level)…so anyway I was upstairs in the kitchen about 5:30.  I made a quick piece of toast with a dark chocolate peanut butter spread and grabbed a starbucks iced coffee (love these lately, taste so good, light on the calories and on the stomach).  We all hopped in the car and got on the road.  Much thanks goes out to Andy’s dad for getting up early and driving us all to Coshocton and props to both of his parents for braving dark thirty to come watch us race.  Andy, myself, and Yota all piled into the backseat and snuggled in for the next hour and half. I scarfed my toast and then mentally prepped for the run.  We had an 8am start and I needed to make sure that mentally I was going to be prepared.

Photo 2

I was already skeptical about doing well in this race because of the lack of sleep, the fact that my legs still felt tired despite having so many rest days, and that I would be running with Yota.  So I didn’t get my hopes up.  Oh I still had goals of course.  Just no hope of meeting them.  My best 5k thus far was a 33:28 and I really just wanted to get a sub 33.

About 20 minutes before we got to the race, I ate a banana for my fuel.  Toast and a banana may seem to be a bit much for a 5k, but my body is always starving in the am.  If I only ate the toast, I would be keeling over in starvation by mid race at the latest. So banana it was..besides I basically had to split it with Yota.  That dog is a nut for a banana (and apparently Skittles as well).

When we got there, I asked Andy’s dad if he would take Yota (and encourage him to use the bathroom) while Andy and I went to packet pickup.  Thankfully we were there early enough that the line wasn’t long yet.  We grabbed our bibs, tshirts, and the free american flag they were handing out and headed back to the car to get prepped.  As we were getting prepped, our friends Bryan & Jen showed up along with their daughter Alyssa.  Bryan and Jen were running as well.

As we started getting closer to start time, I took Yota (who still hadn’t used the bathroom) and we moved closer to the starting line.  It was a very small race in comparison to the races we do in Columbia, but it was still a nice group of people.  The weather was PERFECT.  I think it was right around 60 degrees with ZERO humidity.  I never really took into account how much the humidity in SC sucks until I ran a race without any humidity…it was bliss.

The horn sounded and we were off.  Unfortunately, Andy and  didn’t have signal in Coshocton, so our tracking programs weren’t working.  So we swapped phones with his parents (who thankfully both have iphones), logged into our mapmyrun accounts, and then loaded up a workout station on Pandora.  It wasn’t horrible for a last minute freak out moment.  However, at the start..everything worked easily and therefore Yota and I could just get started.  He was extremely excited.  He didn’t bark a ton like he did at See Spot Run, but he did jump up and down a lot.  He just loves to run and he REALLY loves to run with a bunch of people.

I’m not going to be able to relay the course very well because I was lost when I was on it.  About the only thing I remember is a hill that came out of no where and a very sharp left turn (I think everyone said this was at 5 points).  About half a mile in, Yota decided that now would be the most opportune time to use the bathroom..so he stopped right in front of me in the middle of the road and I basically had to leap frog over him to avoid tripping.  Thankfully I still had doggy bags hooked to his leash, unfortunately it was the lost one.  I prayed the whole time that he wouldn’t have to go again.  Thankfully he didn’t.

So, post Yota bathroom stop..we are just moving along.  Right before the race, Andy and I signed up for the MVP part of MapMyRun and it includes coaching.  So basically, every 2 minutes, this woman can tell you what your pace is and if you’re going to slow or too fast based on the goal pace you set.  My goal pace was a 10:30.  After the bathroom stop, I started getting feedback from her… we were currently doing an 8 something pace.  I mentally told Yota that we were going to have to dial it back a notch or else I wasn’t going to make it.  He didn’t listen.  So we took walk breaks instead on this race.  We would sprint at his 8 something pace (I swear Andy programmed this in him) and then we would like for a short period so I could catch my breath.  We went at this for the rest of the race pretty much.  I still didn’t have any high hopes of getting a PR…I was just enjoying my run with my dog at this point.  I vaguely remember hearing my times at each mile from my app, and the race organizers forgot the time clocks for each mile..so it felt like I was running a little blind.

Photo 1

My goal for this race was to run a sub 33 (my best was a 33:28) and my uber goal was to do a 32:33.  Like I said before though..I felt like it just wasn’t the day for that.  So, Yota and I are running and I have no idea where I am on this course or where in relation to the finish I am, but we start running down this long road and I see my father in law way down at the end taking pictures.  I figure we have to be close to the finish if he’s on the course.  So..I make a promise to not walk anymore of the race and Yota and I start putting in the final kick of the race.  We come to the end of that street and there is another man there who yells something at me.  So I rip out an earbud and give him the universal look of “can you repeat that please”.  He yells a time… 32 minutes.  As I hear this and round the corner at the same time..I can see the finish line..I didn’t know it was so close..holy cow..I can actually meet my goal and PR this thing.  As I cross the line I’m pretty sure it says like 32:20something.  I’m way excited at this point.  That did not feel like a PR race.  At All. I’ll take it though.

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I hand off Yota to the inlaws for a minute so I can catch my breath.  I grab some water and then we take Yota over to a water bowl while we wait for Andy.  I ended up taking Yota back because he was just way too excited about the other people and other dogs.   Now that I was done with my run, we could then use my father in laws phone (that I was using on the run) to track Andy on the course.  That was a really cool feature.  This way, we knew when to expect him.  He had already come by of course and I later learned that he saw the clock at his 5k point and would have had an awesome 5k time as well.  Despite that, he was doing the 10k..so he got to do the course twice.  I believe he wanted to finish in under an hour and when he came across the finish line, it was in the 54s.  That was so exciting.  We talked later about how easy the course felt and how good the race felt.  It just seemed to come easy that day.  Our official times came in at 54:42 for Andy and 32:17 for me.

Once we visited for a bit after the race, we got back in the car to head back to Marietta.  It was nice to have already run so that we could enjoy our weekend and pig out without guilt.  Someone was knocked out on the way home.

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Weekly Mileage

Good evening everyone.  This is going to be short and sweet because I have few other posts I want to work on this evening, including a race recap. So stay tuned for more posts this week.

Here’s the miles:

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3.7 Miles – Outside Run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 3.1 Miles – Feed the Need 5k

Weekly Mileage Goals: 12.1 Miles

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 6.8 Miles

So my overall mileage was low, but I was okay with it.  The past week or so my legs have been bugging me with pains here and there..so I wanted them to be really fresh for the run on Saturday.  Time to hit the grind again this week though..my first 10k is in 2 weeks and I’m starting to get nervous.

So, did you meet your running or workout goals this week? I’d love to hear from everyone.

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