First Post

So…this is my first post.

Honestly, I don’t know what I am really going to write about…I just know that I have the overwhelming urge to blog. I love reading blogs and am hoping that I can contribute as well.

I’ll try not to be so boring with all of the details, but if it gets really bad…just comment and let me know. My first step in doing this blog is to figure out how to blog from my Blackberry! That would make it so much easier…any tips are greatly appreciated.

Tonight, Andy and I are going on a dbl date with friends of ours…should be fun! I’ll let you know how it goes. That is…we’ll be going if I can ever leave the model. I’m trying to make an effort lately of being on time, but it isn’t working very well. I’m notoriously late for EVERYTHING!

Tomorrow I am going to clean the house (I’ve let it go too far).

Traffic was better today than it has been in a while…meaning..I actually had at least one person come in the door. Jess called and told me about her falling asleep during a one on one presentation…thinking that should be a hint to the guy giving the presentation.

NEwho…I’ll wrap it up…if not than I will start to write things that don’t make sense.

So…wish me luck on my new blog..and if you have any great ideas as to what I should write about in life, than don’t hesitate to comment!!


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