What can I say…it has been busy! With classes starting on Wednesday, I am trying so hard to make sure I am caught up on my work and house cleaning. I feel like the list just keeps getting longer. This has been a great month as far as sales for one of the communities…however…the other community is moving a little slower….
The past few days have really just been packed..and Andy and I can really feel the strain on our bodies…there seems to be some sort of sickness lurking in our home. Poor Andy is really not feeling well tonight. I hope that he feels better tomorrow..I know he hopes that as well. I am so grateful and appreciative to Andy for all of the support he has given me and that we have given each other. We have grown so well together and really have great goals for our life and our future.

So..I am super excited about classes starting Wednesday morning…this semester I am taking graphic design, photography, art history, and drawing. I think it’s going to be a great semester. After the busy schedule this summer with work….I think school is going to be my out.

Well..time to go check on my boiled peanuts (yep…I’m making my own boiled peanuts) and finish watching GH (best show ever!). Maybe next time I will have something exciting to say.


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