Lots to Catch Up On

WOW! It has been so long since I posted…I’m a slacker..I know…but I am going to get better.

There is so much to get caught up on….first and foremost….

We’re engaged! YAY! Our trip to Cabo was awesome and gorgeous and that is when Andy proposed.  I was so happy.  So, I am sure you will hear plenty about wedding in the next few posts.  You can also read our wedding blog at http://www.thatbeachwedding.com.  We are getting married June 26th, 2010…so that means lots to do in the next few months.

We also went on a cruise in December (my first) and had a good time.  We went snorkeling and that was by far the most fun.  We definitely want to go snorkeling on our honeymoon.  The ship had awesome french fries! I must have had at least 2 plates of fries a day.  We had a good time and it was nice to get away.

The holidays went by fairly smooth, ready for winter to go away.  It’s hard to plan a summer wedding when it’s freezing and rainy outside.

Lastly, we got a puppy.  We started out fostering him (more on that story later) and found him a home.  After being at his new home for 2 days, we got the call that they weren’t going to be able to keep him.  So back home he came and we just made the decision to keep him.  He is all boy and all puppy…completely energetic and whiny.

I’m also taking 5 classes this semester: Black & white photography, painting, business art, 3-D design, and framing & prep.  That should make for a fun, interesting semester.  I will be loading my work onto my artwork site and blog, so make sure you stay tuned to that as…you can find it here.

Well…time to get ready and head to class…I’m going to be blogging more often, so stay tuned for (hopefully) great reading!


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