SNOW in South Carolina!

Columbia South Carolina saw something this weekend that it hasn’t seen in nearly 10 years…8 inches of SNOW! Isn’t that crazy. For those of us that have lived in SC our entire lives, Friday evening’s snowfall felt like a blizzard. Andy kept laughing because I couldn’t get over how much there was…however…the next morning he agreed that we did get a lot of snow. We wanted to make sure we made the most of it, so we went out Saturday morning and shot some digital pics and I took some 35mm black and whites. We let Yota play in the snow, and while he was skeptical at first, he eventually loved it and loved hunting in it. However, by now it has all melted and we are back to plain SC with bitter cold temps again. It was fun while it lasted, but I am definitely one of those people that is happy it only comes every now and then. While we didn’t really stay trapped in the house, it was somewhat of an upset to routine..and I would hate to have that all of the time. I’ve included some pics of our South Carolina blizzard for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!



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