Party Day

So Saturday day was our official/unofficial relax and have fun day. Saturday was Andy’s bday and with being strapped for cash, I had to get creative. So when I woke up with Yota Saturday morning, I grabbed my shoes and drove up to Publix to get a few things. Then I came home and made him pancakes (complete with chocolate chips and candle) and served them in bed. Then we talked about the wedding and then went to see “The Blind Side”. Let me just say…that movie is awesome! I strongly recommend that if you haven’t seen it, then you should. That is a movie we will definitely be buying. After the movie we went to CUPCAKE and purchased 4 delicious looking cupcakes. Saturday night we had to attend the Regals. The Regals are a real estate awards event for new home builders and agents. It’s fun because we get to really dress up and go all out. I received an award for my volume of sales. We had a good time, but we were beat the next morning. Now it’s back to normal routine. Sort of. Tomorrow is a very special day for us. Tomorrow (February 24th) is an exact year from the day our beautiful Beagle passed away. Racer was the center of our worlds and we deeply miss her. We will find a way tomorrow to remember her and spend our time with each other.

Thanks for reading! Comment if you’d like!


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