Finishing School

It’s official…I am out of class for the summer. I finished my last “exams” this week and I am free. It felt like such a big relief to get everything I just have to unload all of my paintings out of my backseat.
I just can’t even describe the amount of relief I felt when I was done with school. It’s amazing. However, all of the pressure came back 100% with work, design work, and the wedding. Now I am back to stressed, anxious Kristen.
Yota and I have been attending obedience training the past two weeks…and…in some ways I know it helps because I can make him listen to me, but in’s not. When he is really going crazy…he doesn’t listen to anyone! He just goes psycho! I have to figure out something to keep him calm.

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to better control my crazy, psycho dog?


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