Stop & Go to Baltimore

Today we left Columbia to make the 8.5 hour drive to Baltimore.  Andy started the drive and drove until about 1/2 way through North Carolina.  We hit our first bit of traffic in Charlotte…needless to say…this set the precedent for the rest of the trip.

We stopped and got gas (we are in the Jetta…meaning more fill-ups) and did a driver change.  So far so was beautiful..road was smooth…we were just getting settled and Andy had just leaned back to take short nap when all of sudden traffic stopped.  We were just shy of the North Carolina/Virgina border and we sat in the first of many stop and go traffic jams of the day.  To backtrack…we went to the gym first thing this morning to get our workout in and I added a bit of a leg workout to the end of session my calfs and legs are plenty tight today with working them and then sitting in the car for basically 9 hours.  To add to that…the Jetta is a stick shift which means with the stop and go traffic…my left calf and leg was getting twice the workout today from constantly pressing the clutch.

So we broke through that bit of traffic (which seemed to have no reason other than the 3 police officers hanging out around their cars on the side of the interstate) and got going again.  We had discussed me driving to Richmond and then switching back at that point.  So we start heading towards Richmond (we had to take I-77 to I-85 to I-95) and start getting into the city.  Richmond is a decently large city with a lot of neat older architecture.  I decided I was going to get us just past Richmond and then stop to switch.  Well just outside of Richmond we hit another round of stop and go traffic.  There was a sign saying that an incident was up ahead, but I never saw any clues as to the incident.

By this point, I was getting pretty tired of driving a stick in stop-go traffic.  I was getting not only physically tired, but mentally as well.  However, I knew I just needed to push forward to finish my stint.  I got us to just before Alexandria, VA (we really want to visit there some day…would love to see Arlington much emotion) and we stopped for gas, driver change, and dinner.  Andy drove us through Alexandria were we hit a little more traffic and then through Washington DC (a little more traffic).  It’s always exciting to see the monuments and architectural designs of our nations capitol.  We can’t wait to drive through during the day.

So…here we are…we finally made it to Baltimore…right now we are laying in our bed…about to fall asleep, but I wanted to leave you guys with a few of these pics first.  Good Night Everyone!

Clock in Richmond, VA

Cool Night Shots in Washington DC

Tomorrow we will be in Baltimore.  We are planning to go to the inner-harbor and I hope to get a lot of great pictures.  Tomorrow is also a very special day in the sense that tomorrow is Racer’s birthday.  She would have been 18 years old.  It’s going to be an emotional day, but I am sure we will still enjoy the city sights and eat lots of crab for her. (Crab was one of Racer’s favorite foods).


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