Baltimore Day 1…Inner Harbor, Downton, & Crabs

Our first day in Baltimore we started off the day by sleeping in.  It…was…awesome!  Yota has not allowed us to sleep in ever! He always wakes us up early and we don’t really get to go back to sleep.  So it was great to be able to stay asleep without him waking us up.  We then ate breakfast and came back and got ready.  We went over to Dave & Susan’s condo to meet up with everybody to get our day started.  In case I haven’t yet…let me give you a little background.  We are in Baltimore because we are celebrating Dave’s (Andy’s uncle) 60th Birthday.  It’s a whole weekend event from a cookout Friday night, dinner Saturday night, and a brunch on Sunday.  So we got to Dave & Susan’s condo (Susan is his wife) and then Andy, myself, Candy, Kevin, and Susan all got into Susan’s car and drove to Downtown Baltimore.  They live about 30 minutes away from downtown so it was a quick little ride down the interstate before we got to the city.

We started out the day in Fell’s Point.  It’s a little waterfront area with some restaurants, shopping, and an indoor/outdoor market.  Candy really wanted to go to the market, but for some reason it was closed….still not sure why a market is closed in the middle of the day on a Saturday.  So we walked around a little bit and I took some pictures from the end of the docking area…Andy and I took some pictures down by the water and I am pretty happy with how they came out.

After we left Fell’s Point we drove around downtown Baltimore and Susan pointed out some of the sights…one of the cool stories she told us about was about The Great Fire of 1904 that devastated Baltimore.  It was headed for Little Italy and the residents gathered in St. Leo’s watch tower and prayed to St. Anthony to spare them from the fire…miracously the fire stopped just across the street from Little Italy…right where the river runs through…

We then got out and walked around the Inner Harbor area.  There were a lot of ships in the harbor including military ships, water taxi’s, and Pirate Ships.  Yes…I said Pirate ships…it was a mock up that they would take people on around the harbor, but it was very cool.  We also got to an observation tower that took us 27 stories above the city and that allowed me to get some cool shots of the city.  We continued to walk around and then made our way to dinner.

At dinner we went to a crab house…a true crab house…that didn’t serve just crab legs.  Being a crab leg lover, I thought I would try the Maryland crabs in Old Bay Seasoning, but quickly figured out that they just were not for me…not to mention the emotional issues I had with picking their legs off and peeling apart the bodies… not for me.  However, it was neat to watch everyone eating the crabs and I got some neat shots of that as well.  We ended the night by going back to Dave & Susan’s condo and having brownies.  I didn’t realize how tired I was until we got back to the hotel and I sat in bed.  I was out pretty quickly after laying down.

Below are some of the pictures from today…check them out and let me know what you think.  I love to hear comments, suggestions, and just your thoughts overall.  Today we are going to brunch and I hope to get a lot of pictures from that as well.

See you later and thanks for reading!


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