Back Home…

We are back in Columbia now and I am honestly glad to be home.  The trip this weekend really rejuvenated me and is helping me stay motivated this week.  Now where did I leave off…oh right..Sunday!

Sunday was the brunch and it was delicious! I love brunches.  It was nice to see all of the family love that everyone had for Dave and celebrating his 60th Birthday.  I took lots of pictures, you can find them on facebook under Baltimore III.  We left Baltimore around 2ish and were planning to be home by about 10pm.  Well…you know what they say about plans…we of course got stuck just on the Virgina side of Washington DC for about an hour of stop and go traffic…that is the one thing that drives me crazy about cities.  I can’t stand that traffic! However, we finally made it home just before midnight and got to sleep in our own bed!! I love our bed.  I want a King, but I love our Queen…it’s just perfect for how I like my mattresses.

Yesterday morning I went and picked up  Yota and I think he was so ready to come home.  He got right into the car without any hassle and was quiet the whole time.   He lounged around yesterday morning and went into his kennel fairly easily.  Yesterday was a good day…he behaved for the most part and he slept until about 7am this morning.  We got up…went outside…I fed him breakfast…and he didn’t eat.  For those of you who know him, Yota is a lab/hound mix and he ALWAYS eats! However, he wanted to play so I took that as a sign that he wasn’t too sick.  I took him for a walk so we didn’t wake Andy, and Yota loved it.  He loves going for walks…just to sniff and trot right along.  When we got back, he still wouldn’t eat.

As of right now, he has only eaten a little of his food and he is really starting to stress me.  I don’t want to leave him here without eating hardly anything, but I do have to go to we’ll see how the next 45 or so minutes go.  I’ll keep you updated on his status.  Until then, I have to go get ready, but I’m sure I’ll be back soon.  Stay posted : )


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