Day 2…Wisconsin…Warmer!

Today was a much nicer day.  It got into the 70s which is always nice and I finally got warm enough to remove my scarf and hoodies.

We started out the day early (as we always do on a track weekend) and got to the track around 7:30 or so.  Overall, we had a decent day racing wise…everything went smooth and we ended the day without any major issues.  The sky clouded over a decent bit around 3pm with a threaten of rain maybe, but quickly passed and we were back to sunny skies.  Tonight is supposed to be thunderstorms and tomorrow a high of 85.

Now that I feel like I have given the full weather report…moving on..

I got some decent pics today, but not a whole lot…hoping to get some more tomorrow.  The hard part is that I am shooting with film and digital..which means..while I am taking a lot of shots..I don’t have the instant viewing capability on all of them.  So I won’t find out if the film shots came out for a week or so.  I posted a few from today below…let me know what you think all in all…

We’re getting ready to head out to dinner..hopefully we can find something decent.  These tracks are usually out in the middle of nowhere so the restaurant selections are very limited.

*On a side note…we found out that President Obama is scheduled to speak in Milwaukee tomorrow around the time we will be heading back that direction…should make for some interesting travel…good thing we aren’t trying to fly out tomorrow afternoon!

**I have a few more pics I want to post, but the uploader is being a real pain..hopefully I can edit and add them later…stay posted!


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