Today was our last full day in Wisconsin.  We have a 6:11am flight (ct) in the morning and have to be at the airport by 5am basically.  We had debated just sleeping in the airport, but decided to get an inexpensive hotel room instead.  I definitely feeling that it was worth it.  We are exhausted.  Let me start with this morning.

We had to be at the track by 7am because of early meetings and an early warm-up time.  We woke up to a cloudy morning.  As we made our way to the track…the rain started coming down.  From there it did nothing but pour for about the next 4 hours.  The track was soaked, but our actual enduro race wasn’t until 1pm.  So we skipped the warm-up (as most people did) and then decided to skip qualifying (which worked out well because they ended up canceling qualifying due to lightening).  The rain was supposed to stop around 11am and that would give the track a good amount of time to dry out some.  Around 10:45 the rain let up and we saw blue sky.  We had high hopes of being able to race.  That lasted about 30 minutes before it started to rain again.  So we looked up the radar on our phone and sure enough…there was another system of storms coming through…they weren’t going to be finished for at least another 2 hours.  That is when the decision was made to not run the enduro race.  So we packed up and headed out.

Andy and I drove into Milwaukee and decided to go to a Brewer’s baseball game against the St. Louis Cardinals.  We had a great time and it was very relaxing.  It seems that baseball games go by so slow on tv, but in person…they fly by! We weren’t really cheering for either team, but it was still a lot of fun to be in the spirit that everyone had for their teams.  There are some great pics below and the whole package is on facebook.

After the game, Andy and I drove all around Milwaukee…hung out by Lake Michigan and in general just spent some time enjoying our last little bit of free time before heading back to work and school.  We had dinner at a great little seafood restaurant on the river in downtown Milwaukee and then came here to the hotel.  Overall..we are just beat from the weekend I think.  It will be good for us to get a few hours of real sleep.  6am flights are the worst…for me at least, I prefer a late night flight.  Have you ever dealt with an early morning flight and what are your thoughts on them?


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