Blue Monday

Well..needless to say..this weekend was a little disappointing…not to say that there weren’t great things to this weekend, but it ended on a sour note.

My husband and I are HUGE Steelers fans.  This weekend was the first weekend of playoffs and the Steelers lost to the Denver Broncos.  They didn’t just lose, they lost on the first play in overtime.  It was heartbreaking to say the least.  As a team, the Steelers are better than that and simply put, we just got outplayed.  It sucks..big time.

On a happier note, my very close friend had a little girl last Thursday and she is absolutely adorable.  Mom and baby are both healthy and at home already resting comfortably (I guess as comfortable as you can get with a newborn).

Andy and I didn’t do much this weekend.  Friday night we went and saw Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.  I didn’t realize how long it had been out in theaters..I’m surprised it was still available.  It was alright…seemed to go by kind of slow and there wasn’t much side plot to it, but overall it still had that Twilight feel.  Saturday and Sunday we just stayed home and chilled.  It was actually pretty nice considering all of the hustle and bustle we’ve been through with the holidays.

Last week, I made out a 2012 action plan.  I didn’t really want to call them resolutions because that just sounds like setting myself up for failure.  Instead…they are things that I want to put into action this year.  A couple of the big self changes are:

1. STOP Chewing ice (as I sit here chewing a cup from lunch)

2. Be on Time (I have been tardy my entire life!)

3. Procrastinate less (I think this will somehow tie in with the Be on Time idea)

These are things that bother me big time and if they bother me, I am sure they bother those around me.  They are just things that I feel are rude and disrespectful to others, but have always struggled with changing them.  I’ll keep you updated as time goes on and maybe I will introduce you to my other plans as well.

So..did you set any goals for 2012, if so..what are they?


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