Valentine’s Day & The Roaring Twenties

Hi everybody! How was your Valentine’s Day?  Did you celebrate? Andy and I had a wonderful low key celebration with dinner out and an exchanging fo small romantic gifts.  It was perfect.  We have both been so tired lately that anything more would have just been too overwhelming! Being the young, energetic couple we are…we were in bed by 11pm at the latest. I don’t know why..but we have both been just so tired lately.  It seems like no matter what time we go to bed or what time we wake up, we are just unbelievably tired! Anyone else feeling drowsy lately? I also wanted to thank those of you that watched my video blog the other day…it was awful, but you have to start somewhere right?  I’ve posted a few more videos since then and I have more coming.  I may not post every video here, but if you’re interested, you can subscribe to my channel here: I’m hoping to do a mixture of beauty and design videos there so stay tuned for more updates. Switching Topics…this weekend..Andy and I are going to the Annual Regal Awards Ceremony here in Columbia.  It’s basically an award ceremony for new construction homes (agents, builders, marketing, etc.) where everyone get’s to get all dressed up and enjoy a wonderful meal and an open bar.  This year’s theme is “The Roaring 20’s” and it seems as though a lot of people are dressing to theme this year.  I bought a short black fringe cocktail style dress and I love it.  I’ll be sure to post photos from the event.  My only problem do I style my hair for the 1920s! The style then was the short bob, but I have long thick hair and I am not planning to cut it.  I’ve pinned a few things, but am just not sure yet.  It will be a last minute decision for sure!

So, have you ever dressed from the 1920s era for an event or party?  What sort of outfit did you wear or how did you do your hair/makeup? I’d love to see pics! 

I’ll make sure to put pics up next week of the event so everyone can see how it turned out! Talk to you soon!


One thought on “Valentine’s Day & The Roaring Twenties

  1. I remember talking with Andy about Rings, He knew what he wanted to do and was sooooo ready, but wanted to make sure it was special. He worked hard to come up with what he thougt he needed to spend on a ring. I alwyas thought how lucky you were to have someone that made sure he did the RIGHT thing and spent mucho buccos? on you very special ring!!! Gotta love him

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