Party Recap..More Sickness..

Hi Everybody! Sorry I’ve been MIA recently.  I meant to recap earlier this week, but Andy and I are both sick AGAIN! We seem to have picked back up that same cold we had a few weeks ago.  It’s been lingering all week and it just sucks.

Anyway, as you know, last Saturday night we had our Regal awards ceremony and we had a good time.  A

lot of people dressed to the 20s theme and that made it so much more fun.  I’m still in the process of getting pictures loaded, but I promise to post them here as soon as they are loaded on my computer.

Originally I was thinking of doing an updo and I did a trial last week of something like this:

However..after thinking about it and thinking about all the money I recently spent to have it highlighted and cut…I decided to just give it a good blow out and curl and leave it down.  I’m glad I did that because it was so much more relaxed all night and I wasn’t worried about it at all.  It was a nice change from my normal formal hair do’s.
Also, I went Saturday morning and got a mani/pedi at a salon here in Columbia called SOAK Nail Spa courtesy of a Groupon I bought recently.   It was awesome! The atmosphere so was relaxing and calming.  You get treated like royalty and the quality of work was Amazing! My feet and hands felt so refreshed and soft when I left.  The color I got on my nails and toes was bubble bath.  Even with two coats…it was probably just a little too shear for me.  Very pretty, but just too light.
All in’s been a pretty dull week.  Hopefully this coming week will be a little more exciting and I’ll have more to share.  Have a great weekend!

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