Regal Pics are Here!

Wow…I’ve really dropped the ball recently with blogging.  I apologize for that…between being sick and this week I’ve had a still ongoing migraine (4th day with this sucker)…I’ve just been moving a little slower it seems.

So I promised you pics from our Regal event and I finally have a couple on my computer.

Like I said in the last post…we had a great time and I can’t wait to see what the theme is next year.  Anyway, on to other things.  Lately, Andy and I have been homebody’s and not really going out and doing I don’t have that much to talk about.   The other night though, we did go to Takosushi here in Columbia and it was really good.  We both had steak tacos and they were delicious.  I wish I had a pic from that night to post, but I don’t…sorry!

I’ve already re-painted my nails since I got my mani.  I painted them a really pretty pail pink….

I can’t seem to find a pic of the actual nail polish..but here it is on my nails.  It’s made by Essence and it’s called Cotton Candy.  It was a very small bottle I picked up at Ulta one day because it was cheap and a pretty pink when I was trying to decide if I liked the pale pink on me….and when I say cheap..I mean CHEAP! This nail polish was only $.49! Can you believe that price! I figured it would chip after a day and not look good on, but it’s actually pretty decent.  It’s held up all week and the color is good.  It did require three coats as opposed to just two, but I can handle that for only $.49.

One thing I am trying to find out more information on is a decent eyecream for morning and/or night.  My eyes have just looked awful lately and I’d love to find something to help them out.  Do you have any suggestions or recs?  I look forward to hearing them.

Also, I started a youtube channel a few weeks ago and usually put up videos that may not be on here.  So if you get a minute, head over there (link below) and check out my videos.  Don’t forget to Subscribe!

Check out My YouTube channel Here!

Thank you to my most recent followers and I will see you guys next week!


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