Belated April Favorites!

Holy smokes! I’m so far behind on blogging this month.  Here I am about to blog about my April favorites and we are more than half way through May! Where does the time go.

Anywho…I’ll make this let’s get started! This month I will list 4 of my favorite items for the month of April.

1. My mini-planner

Earlier this year, I picked up a tiny purse calendar from Books-A-Million for $1. I figured it would be good for writing appointments, birthdays, etc.  Little did I realize how much I would use it for keeping track of other things as well.  For instance…I write down blog and video ideas for both work and personal use.  I cross off days as I go along and find myself writing down all of the important dates in life like meetings, doctors appointments, get togethers, out of town dates, etc.  It’s just been really a godsend for helping keep track of my days, weeks, months.

2. My Weekly To-Do Sheets

Another thing that has really been working for me are my custom made weekly to-do sheets.  I wanted something I could write on easily, have daily access to, was still cute looking, and kept all the areas of my life organized for what I had to do that week.  So I opened up photoshop and made a template.  Then I just printed out a bunch of them and stuck them in the clear cover of a white 3 ring binder that I already carry everywhere I go.  Now it’s easy for me to work on my to do list, read what’s next, and figure out what’s going on from anywhere.  I don’t have to worry if I synced my phone or if I can’t open my computer.  If you would like this template for yourself, just let me know and I can provide a downloadable pdf.  I can put your own custom headings and categories or leave them blank for your use.

3. My New IPHONE

So I finally got on board (and convinced the hubby to get on board) and got an Iphone.  We switched from TMobile to AT&T and both got Iphone 4s’.  We are absolutely loving them.  There are a few glitches here and there, but overall…absolutely loving them! I couldn’t ask for a better phone.  It’s so easy to use and works so smoothly.  I am so happy we finally made the switch.

4. Instagram

Since getting the Iphone.  I’ve downloaded Instagram and found myself taking pictures and posting them to Instagram everywhere we go! It’s so fun to see other peoples pictures and what they are doing.  I am part of a very nosy generation (or maybe that’s just me) and I wake up every morning and the 3rd thing I do is pull up instagram and see if there are any new posts (1st thing – breakfast, 2nd thing – email). It’s so addicting and I’ve started playing around with other apps to stich pictures together with layouts and different settings.  If you want to follow me…my instagram username is: blonde_designer

So those are my April favorites.  Do you have any favorites from the month of April or are you too enjoying one of my listed favorites? I’d love to hear what’s exciting you in your life this month! 

P.S. If you’re not following me on… I also do a monthly favorites series on there of beauty products (mostly).  You can check it out by visiting this link:


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