6 Months…6 Days

6 months..6 Days.

That’s how long it’s been since I posted.  That’s embarrassing.  I wish I could say that I’ve had a good excuse  but I don’t.  I just haven’t made time for it.  So here’s me trying to get back into blogging.  I’m going to try and blog at least once per week.  Hold me to it..if you come by and I haven’t blogged..make a comment…spark my memory and whip me back into shape!

I don’t know how to even begin catching up on life, so we’ll just start from now.  This weekend, the hubby and I are driving up to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play the Chargers tomorrow.  We are huge Steelers fans.  Like embarrassingly so.  We try not to go out in public for big games because we would probably scare people and/or get kicked out.  Oh well..it’s our thing..we enjoy it.  We try to catch a game at Heinz field every year.  We’d love to have season tickets, but the funds just aren’t there for that.  Especially since we are trying to build a new house next year…

My Steeler Nails!

Speaking of…yea we want to move.  We’ve picked out our lot and our plan..and our options..now we’re just waiting to get back our pricing.  I’m not posting any pictures of anything until after we move forward and get building.  The last thing I want to do is jinx it.  So needless to say, my pinterest is full of home decor/paint/etc.

So I’m going to scoot for now..I’ll be back soon though.


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