Weekly Running Update

Hey everyone.  So I decided that every Saturday, I would do an weekly running update.  Here I’ll post what my mileage goals were for the week, what I actually did and I how I felt about it.  It’s kind of my way of keeping myself accountable.  I won’t post times here because that’s not my focus right now.  My focus is to just slowly build up my milage.  Once I have a good foundation of endurance..then I will start working on speed.  Besides, if you follow me on instagram or look at my times in the 2013 Races page…you will see that I am a VERY SLOW runner.  Anywho..here it by the numbers:

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 4 Miles (Ran 2 Miles..walk/run remaining 2 miles) Treadmill Run
Tuesday: 4 Miles (Ran 2 Miles..walk/run remaining 2 miles) Treadmill Run
Wednesday: Rest Day (If you count walking all over Carowinds as resting)
Thursday: 1.69 Miles – Outside Run
Friday: 4 Miles (Ran 2.3 Miles..walk/run to 4 miles) Treadmill Run
Saturday: 2.32 Miles – Outside Run

Weekly Mileage Goals: 18.25 Miles

Actual Weekly Milage Total: 16.01 Miles

So let’s talk about the treadmill runs and then we’ll talk about the first outside run.  My treadmill runs are being completed spot on.  I have a running plan I’m following and I am accomplishing my goals for the treadmill runs.  They aren’t easy, but they are getting done.  I get bored to tears on the treadmill sometimes and am constantly having to motivate myself to keep running.  I usually run anywhere between 5.4 and 5.8 mph with it speeding up to between 6.4 and 7mph at the end of each running stint and I run on a 1% incline. Now..my outside runs..this is where I lose mileage.  Especially this week.  I don’t know what happened, but I just could not get out of my head.  I didn’t even make it a mile before I got the walksies and gave in.  My second outside run was a little better, but I’m very disappointed in my outside runs because I just can’t seem to get the mileage in like I want to.  Any suggestions?

Next week I’m planning to do a total of 10.75 miles.  That number is lower because I have a 4 Mile race on Thursday, so the days leading up to it are shorter and I took the rest of the week after the race off to rest.  Hopefully I knock it out though.  Wish me luck!

P.S. I didn’t think about this until after I wrote this post..but I want to throw my monthly mileage in here as well at the end of every month.  I don’t really want to write out projected goals for monthly mileage just yet, but I’ll at least put down what I am running.  For the month of June I ran a total of 33.98 miles.  That’s the longest amount of distance I ever done in one month and 10 more miles than what I ran in May. Wow..I’m just going to take a minute and feel proud.  Proud that I ran a total of 33.98 miles in the month of June.  That is all.


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