Movie Motivation

So, last Saturday night, Andy and I watched Spirt of the Marathon on Netflix.  I found out about this movie when another blogger (The Tiny Terror) wrote about seeing Spirit of the Marathon II.  It sounded interesting and so I went and looked it up on netflix and found that the first movie was only available right in the queue it went.  It was a streaming video option, so Saturday night, when we found ourselves with time and nothing really to watch, we decided to stream it.

It was as good as I’d hoped and better than I thought it would be.

It was a little over and hour and a half long and it’s a documentary, but it was so good.  It made you feel like you could and wanted to go run a marathon after seeing it.  I literally teared up at the end when people were finishing their marathons.

It’s basically a documentary that follows the journey and training of several different people who are trying to run the Chicago Marathon.  It goes through training, injury, the mental and physical aspect.  It shows people of all levels, ages, sexes, and paces.

It truly was an inspiring movie and if you are even remotely into running, I highly suggest you watch it.  It’s one of those movies that you will leave in the queue to watch again later.  I didn’t know there could be such inspiring and motivational movies out there for runners.  Do you know of any other movies..anything I definately need to watch?  Put it below in the comments.

I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you guys later!


2 thoughts on “Movie Motivation

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Spirit of the Marathon. I also liked the first one better than the second one, personally, but hopefully you’ll get to see #2 soon. It’s very motivating for runners of all abilities and distances.

    It’s not a running movie but I really liked Soul Surfer… very motivating sports movie!

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