Born in the U.S.A. Race Recap

I feel like I’m writing about July 4th forever! This should be the last post reflecting on that day though.  Sorry for taking so long to get this out…just so much to write and not enough time.

So..this will be my first race recap and I’m not really sure how to do I apologize if it turns out that I’m just rambling.  Here it goes…

The race was on July 4th (Thursday) and start time was 7:43 am.  So the idea was to get in bed early and get plenty of sleep…oh you know what they say about good intentions..

Leading up to this race, I was on recovery rest for 2 days because my heel/foot/ankle had been killing me.  Like killing me to the point of it hurt to just walk normal..not even count running.  So we get to Wednesday night and I’m starting to doubt how my race will go. I ice it for a while, take advil and hope for the best.  On top of that though, we were in the process of packing and loading the car for a cookout/picnic the next day at James Island County Park.  We wanted to loaded and ready to go so that after the run, we could get cleaned up and then head straight down.  After lots of packing and a Walmart trip..we finally got settled around 10:45ish…getting in bed about 11:30.  That seems like reasonable time and it really is..I just hate going to bed later than 11 if I have to get up before 7 the next morning…am I alone in this or does anyone else prefer to get at least 6.5 – 7 hours of sleep? Especially before a race.

So the next morning I got up about 6:15..fed the dog and hopped in for a quick shower.  Normally before I run, I just brush my teeth, hair, and wipe my face down again…but I just wanted to feel a little more awake this morning.  Anywho..we got dressed and ready and headed down to Forest Drive.  The race took place in Forest Acres just off Trenholm and Forest Dr.  It was nice to have a run in the northeastish basically. On the way down I ate a banana (I have to eat something before a run), took some advil, and really just hoped for the best.  We got there shortly after 7 and did a very quick and easy warmup.  So far so good…nothing hurting..feeling looseish..okay..this could be good.

Before the Run

Before the Run

As we get closer to gun time..everyone starts lining up at the start.  Andy and I have differing opinions on the start.  He would prefer to be in the front so that he doesn’t have to run around a lot of people.  However, I’m a slow runner and would much prefer to line up towards the back so that I don’t get completely run over at the start.  He’s a good hubby though and stays in the back with me at the start.  So..we are all lined up..they are saying something over the loud speaker, but I can’t hear a word..and all of a sudden we’re going.  The first obstacle in this race is just obstacle.  It started in what looks like an abandoned parking lot and in the midst of dodging people we find ourselves also dodging potholes and water puddles…it’s an interesting start.   However, we then make the right turn onto Trenholm Rd.

Trenholm is nice because even though it’s a’s not very steep and it is very gradual..and we were only on it for 4 tenths of a mile..can’t beat that.  My only complaint is that it felt like we were coned off to a single lane of running on Trenholm.  I guess they couldn’t get the road closed in that area for even a short period of time.  The scary part was when you’re running near the cones (and the median) and a police officer starts driving up the median to keep people in the cones.  I was pretty oblivious that he was there until all of a sudden he was beside me and beeping his siren at people ahead that were out of the cones..scared the living daylights out of me! Too often lately cars are scaring me on runs…I’ve got to be more aware.

So from Trenholm we veer right on Spring Lake Road.  This was nice because there was a lot of trees and shade.  We also got to run alongside the golf course and that provided nice scenery.  About half way down this road, we hit the 1 mile mark and I’m still running (woohoo..I don’t think I’ve successfully run the first mile all year)..another celebration when I realize that I’m under my goal pace for a sub 46 time.  About 1.2 miles I finally give in and walk a little…it was bound to happend.  Right about the time we get to the 2nd dam on Overcreek Rd, I am ready for some water.  However, I’m still excited because my second mile is coming in under pace! From there..the walksies took on a life of their own.  So I decided to make the rest of the race a speed workout of sorts.  I would run hard and fast for about a minute to 2 minutes..then walk for 30-60 seconds.  I did this most of the remainder of the race.  This “flat and fast” course sure did have some hills though.  I don’t think I will ever forget the hill at the corner of Overcreek and Lakeshore..I ran up it, walked the peak..and then jogged down it.  That was brutal…there was also a hill near the end that could have been a little flatter IMO.

Mile 2

Mile 2

Once I got to about 4 tenths of a mile to go..I started light jogging to maintain consistent movement and with about 2 tenths of a mile left, I really started to step on the gas.  The last bit was a steep downhill and I tried to take full advantage of that hill.  Finally I made it across the finish line and about died.  Andy found me (he always finishes ahead of me) and handed me a water bottle.  I’m sure my face was hilarious because as soon as he handed it to me I looked at him with a glare and shock..the water was lukewarm..what happened to the cold water people!

Finish Line

Finish Line

After a few minutes of stretching and catching my breath, we grabbed food (fruit and donuts) and started to compare races.  Andy finished with an official gun time in the 41s and my official gun time was 47:05.  Not a sub 46, but my mapmyrun also said that I ran 4.17 miles..not just 4.  I remember hearing a sub 46 though at the 4 mile mark on my app.  So I was still excited.  I’m so proud of Andy too because he ran the entire thing without walking.  I can’t wait to get to that point one day.

Overall it was a great run and I think it will definately get added to our yearly runs.  I was super excited because this was the first run all year that I actually felt prepared for and like I could finally put my training to use.  I can’t wait for the Hot Summers Night 5k in August.  I’m hoping to run that race without walking at all.  Wish me luck!

So how about you?  Did you run on July 4th?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Born in the U.S.A. Race Recap

  1. It sounds like you had a good race :). I did run on July 4 but haven’t recapped mine yet (it’s written, just not posted). This race sounds like it was a lot of fun, I have seen a few recaps of it and photos.

    I hope you can run Hot Summer’s Night without walking at all, but if you’re already able to run most of this without it, you will be fine once the weather cools down a bit :).

      • One thing you can do is put your legs up against the wall and just lay that way for 5 minutes or so at night. It helps the blood from your legs get back to your heart or something… I don’t know why it works but it sure does! I have been doing it since training for this marathon and it is helping. I just do it while I’m watching TV.

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