Weekly Running Update

Good evening everyone! So this is several days late, but..better late than never..right? Anywho..this week wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.  I was thissss close to my goal mileage, but alas…I didn’t make it completely.  So here it goes…

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 2.5 Mile Outside Run
Tuesday: 4 Mile Treadmill Run
Wednesday: 3.18 Mile Outside Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 5 Mile Treadmill Run
Saturday: Rest Day

Weekly Mileage Goals: 16 Miles

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 14.6 Miles

Not to already get into this week..but it’s not starting off good.  I am supposed to run 24 miles this week and so far I’ve done 1.5 : (   

I’m trying to find the balance between upping my mileage, running more, pushing harder, and not overtraining.  I can’t ever seem to get fresh legs..or back.  Everything is always really sore and lately my lower back has been killing me.  I’m trying different stretches and icing, but nothing seems to be working.  I’m just not sure if I really should rest and take more than a day or two off or if it will work itself out.  I REALLY don’t want to lose the training time, but I also don’t want to seriously injure myself.  Any suggestions?  

I’m hoping I can keep training without injury so that I can do all of the races I’ve already signed up for this fall.  So what about you…any weekly goals you are trying to meet? I’d love to hear from you guys! 

Have a great week! 


One thought on “Weekly Running Update

  1. Hmm… have you tried compression socks or maybe the legs-up-the-wall stretch? That always seems to help me freshen my legs. I do it a lot when I’m watching TV or something. Also, it really takes a lot of time to build up… to safely build mileage, I think it takes years (seriously). You came super close to your goal mileage so I wouldn’t worry too much about it and even if you walked some that’s okay too, it’s almost too hot outside to do any run without a little walking!

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