Weekly Mileage Update

Good morning everyone!

I’ve got to get better about posting these on the weekends! Anyway, let’s dive right in…

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 1.58 Mile Outside Run
Tuesday: 1 Mile Treadmill Run – 1 Mile Stationary Bike
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Rest Day

Weekly Mileage Goals: 24 Miles

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 2.58 Running Miles – 1 Biking Mile

So..needless to say..this week didn’t go as planned.  I mentioned in my last post that I was starting to struggle and I just fell off the deep end from there.  Mentally and physically I was just beat.  So I took the rest of last week off and allowed myself a few days to not think about running.  Then I spent a few days at the end of the week, refocusing, replanning, etc.  I came out of this week with a different outlook.

I think I was trying to do too much too fast.  My body could never rest and my runs were suffering because of it.  With taking last week off..I really didn’t feel fresh again until Saturday! I felt down after both of those short runs at the beginning of the week and I felt like a failure.  So I took my running plan..threw it out the window and tried again.  My last running plan had me running 4-6 days a week.  I’m bringing it back down to 3 and adding a day of crosstraining.  I know it might mean that I have to make bigger jumps on distance from run to run or week to week, but I can at least give my body time to rest in between.  My new plan looks something like this:

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Morning Long Treadmill Run

Tuesday – Evening Short Outside Run

Wednesday – Stretch Day

Thursday – Morning Long Outside Run

Friday – 30 Mins Crosstraining

We typically do weightlifting 4 days a week as well.

I’m hoping this new plan will work better for my body and mind.  I’m looking forward to my stretch day in the middle of the week as well.  I’m going to be devoting a full hour to nothing but stretching and Yoga.

In addition to the new plan, I bought a foam roller.  It just came in last night and I already tried it out.  It’s a little awkward and I definately felt the pain in my IT band and back.  I’m hoping I can get better at it and it will help relieve some of my soreness after runs.  If you have any tips on foamrolling, I’d love to hear them! 

So, hopefully your workouts were better than mine last week.  My mileage goal for this coming week is 11 miles.  A big drop from the goal last week, but I’m trying to be more realistic.  I hope everyone has a great week!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Mileage Update

  1. Glad you are setting realistic goals! Yeah, the goals should push you but it shouldn’t push you to discouragement, either. Honestly 4 days of running is enough for anyone. I’m training for a marathon and I only run 4 days a week (granted my runs are long, but still). All the streaking and stuff, I guess that’s fun but you really can be a successful runner on 3-4 days a week.

    As for struggling, if it’s physical, make sure everything is okay with your bloodwork and all if it keeps happening. I was really anemic a few years ago… the whole time I was just thinking I was slow or something. Not saying that’s it, but if cutting mileage and days back doesn’t help, it’s definitely something to consider.

    • Thanks for the comments. I actually was diagnosed anemic last summer and have been taking iron supplements all year to try and raise those levels. I can definately tell if I’ve lapsed on the supplements though. I will be going back for a checkup soon and am hoping I’m closer to a normal level. Thanks for the encouragement as well. Sometimes my mind gets ahead of my body..I have to remind myself that it was just this spring that I couldn’t run 5 minutes without feeling beat! I’ve come so far this summer. Good luck with your marathon btw.

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