Weekly Mileage – Delayed

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the delay in this post.  It’s been a crazy week in the personal life arena and I will divulge more in a future post.  For now though, I only have a few minutes to get this out before I have to finish up some work and then head home.  The hubby and I are heading to Ohio this weekend to see his parents.  It’s about a 6.5 – 7 hour drive and we won’t be leaving until about 6. That said..we then have to leave there house at 5:45 am to drive to a 5k/10k in Coshocton, OH.  It’s going to make for very little sleep.  Hopefully it won’t totally kill our racing ability.

Here’s the mileage update from last week:

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 6 Miles – Treadmill Run
Tuesday: 3.64 Mile Run (am) – 2.86 Mile Run (pm) – Outside Runs
Wednesday: Stretch Day
Thursday: 4.75 Miles – Outside Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Rest Day

Weekly Mileage Goals: 12.5 Miles

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 16.75 Miles

I was pretty happy with the mileage last week, but I’m paying for it this week.  My body has been achy and due to the extra amounts of stress this week, sleep hasn’t been steller.  So other than a easy run early in the week..it’s pretty much been a rest week.  However, we are running the Feed the Need 5K/10 tomorrow morning and I’ll recap that next week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you live in the Columbia area, I hope this rain isn’t stopping your runs too bad.  See you guys later.


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