Clearing Out the Cobwebs

Wow…so needless to say it’s been a while.  Sorry for that.  We moved into the new house and life just struggled from there.  It has literally been a fight for everything this year.  I shouldn’t say that because I feel so fortunate to be in this new home and fortunate to have a job and my health..but man does it just feel like everything is twice as hard as it should be.  I got to a point where I told myself to not stress about blogging.  Out of everything that was going on in life, blogging isn’t going to be my number one priority.  So I let it be.  I finally feel some sense of normalcy after 10 months and feel like I can pick it back up.  I’m making some changes around here though and casting it as more of a random thoughts blog because that’s really what it is.  It’s not a specialty blog because I don’t have a specialty.  I do many different things in life and I’d like to share thoughts on all of those things, not just beauty or fitness or whatever else I might have tried to focus on in the past.

I’m also updating the look some and I’ll be updating the pages as time goes on…see keep your eyes open when you stop by.  I’ll try my best to recap things that have happened this year as I remember them, but I don’t promise to remember them all. If I talk about something and it doesn’t make sense with the rest of life, just ask and I’ll do my best to clear it up.  In the meantime…I’ll leave you with a few pictures to recap the past 10 months.  Until next time.


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