Time Flys

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by.  It seems the older I get, the quicker things go.  Each year seems to go by faster than the last and each day/week is the same way.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 days since my last post on here.  I have a ton of posts started and I need to set them up to post, but time just got away from me.  Before I jumped into those though, I just wanted to pop in with something a little more relevant and updated.

Tomorrow we are running the Get to the Green run (5k/10k) in Five Points.  This was the very first 5k I ever did.  I had high hopes for this to be my sub 30min 5k.  That is not going to happen though.  Training has been tough with everything else going on in life and I’ve been fighting a nagging injury in my left arch that kept me down a bit.  I’m hoping I’ve figured it out though.  I removed my inserts and put back in the factory inserts this week.  *Knock on wood*..my foot didn’t hurt after my last run.  Keeping my fingers crossed though.  That said, I’m planning to take Yota.  Maybe he’ll pull me fast enough to get a decent time.  Andy is doing the 10k (actually kind of jealous he is doing the longer distance).  This year both races get a finishers medal which is new and I’m really excited about adding some more hardware to our bib/medal holder.

My sister Taylor, myself, and Andy at last years Get to the Green race

My sister Taylor, myself, and Andy at last years Get to the Green race

On another running related note: Today, we signed up for our first half marathon and entered a lottery for our first full marathon.  We signed up for the Palmetto Half (which is in exactly one month..crazy I know, but I think I can make it work) and entered the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I’m way geeked out about both events and am super pumped to train and accomplish them.

2015-03-13 13.22.46

Also, I’m doing a #30daysofYota photo a day project on my instagram.  If you don’t already follow me, head over and follow me: https://instagram.com/blonde_designer/

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There is so much more I want to share, but I have to get some other posts out first before sharing those details..and NO I am NOT pregnant (I know there are those of you thinking that).  Until next time!


Catching Up on Life

Good afternoon!  I figured my first post back from my blogging hiatus would just be a life catch up.

September has been a very busy month.  It started with a bang with the Blythewood Labor Day 10k which I’ve also blogged about.  You guys allowed me to pour out all of my pitifulness and offered back nothing but support and encouragement.  For that I am so appreciative and want to thank you for your words of kindness. Writing the post alone really helped in moving past the bad race and get back into the swing of running.  That said, September has been a pretty good running month.  I’ll do another post specifically on catching up on running.

Another exciting thing going on is something I’ve been keeping quiet lately.  However, I think it’s time to let it out.  We are building a new house! Those that know us personally, know this already and are probably sick of hearing about the new house, but we are so excited.  I’ll also do another post dedicated to the new house and provide lots of pictures of the house up to this point.  We are really hoping to be moving in by Thanksgiving.  The house in itself takes up a lot of free time.

Because we are planning to move soon, we have been working on our current home to get it ready to rent.  We opted to try and rent it out versus selling it.  Wish us luck on that new adventure.  However, I feel like I’ve been painting for months.  Before I was painting some of current furniture to better go with the theme of the new house and now we are painting some of the rooms in our house to better neutralize the colors and pallet of the house.  I will be so happy when we are done painting!

Mid September we ran another 10k and you can expect a race recap for that race soon.  That same weekend we also took a mini trip to Pittsburgh to see a Pirates game and a Steelers Sunday Night Football game.  Another dedicated post coming for that trip.

I spent a good solid week with a horrible cold that pretty much made me worthless for most of the week.  By the time I was getting better, we were starting to roll into October and I realized that I hadn’t posted in forever!  Last Saturday we ran a 5k and did some major underbrush clearing at the new house.  Now here we are today!  Like I said, I really just wanted to do a quick life recap.  I’ll get into the nitty gritty details in the dedicated post of each topic.  Look for more coming soon!

Hot Summer’s Night 5k

DISCLAIMER: This post is REALLY long.  Sorry guys, I just got to typing and never seemed to find a stopping point. Thanks for your patience if you make it through.

Trying to write this today makes me realize why I should have written it a week ago.  It’s a lot harder to remember all the details a week later.  I’ll try my best though and we’ll see how it goes.

I was really excited about this race and a little nervous.  This is the first 5k since I really started running regularly this summer and I wanted to see if I had improved any.  My original goal was to run this whole race without walking.  However, as I got closer, I knew that probably wasn’t going to happen.  Either way, I did want to finish in under 35 minutes.  My best 5k so far was a 36:20 and I knew I could do better than that.  I have done many 5k’s on the treadmill in the 34’s..so that is what I was aiming for.

I was also excited for this race because it was an evening race and I’ve never done an evening race.  It was weird all day though because I was particular about what I ate and tried hard to make sure I stayed hydrated throughout the day.

So..we got off work at 6 and wanted to be downtown around 6:30.  We got home, changed, fed the dog, and got downtown as quick as possible.  We walked around for a minute to find the starting line and then used the rest of the time to warm up and get ready.  The kids fun run was starting when we got there, but because we got their late..we weren’t really able to watch since we wanted to warm up.  Anyway, we line up and wait to get started.  I turned the apps on my phone (music, mapmyrun, etc) so that I was ready to go.  That did not go as planned.


As soon as they started the race (I can never remember how they start races…do they yell, blow a horn, a whistle…I have no idea), I started running and all of a sudden my music started shuffling.  I forgot to lock my screen when I started my music! That was the most annoying thing ever..so for the first few seconds of my run I was fiddling with my phone (that was in my armband) trying to get it back to the song I wanted and locked. Finally I can focus on my run.

The course seemed very flat which was nice.  There was a photographer just shy of the first mile and I was still feeling good so I smiled at the camera like a complete dork.  I figured my racing pics are normally me sweating like mad and almost dieing..so might as well take advantage of one that gets me while I’m still fresh.  It was way hot out though and I was ready for even just a sip of water by the first water stop at mile 1.  Sadly, it was not in the cards for me because they were out of cups : (  Around this point I saw the 1 mile clock as well and I was well under a minute of my goal time for that split.  I was happy, but I also knew that meant it was going to be a lot harder for me to run the whole thing.


I kept running along and pushing myself.  I told myself that I knew I could run 15 minutes outside and so mentally I just kept pushing myself to go past that.  There was definately no walking before that no matter how I felt.  At one point though I looked behind me and there weren’t many people.  That kind of messed with my confidence.  I don’t want to be last.  I know I won’t be first, but I don’t want to be last.  So that really started to push me to run harder.

Right about mile 2, per the race clock, I was still about a minute under my goal split time. However, I was about to die.  I was crazy hot and starting to cramp up.  So I grabbed a quick water mid jog and ran through a sprinkler they had setup (this should be at every summertime race btw).  I made myself run through the 2 mile mark and just past and then I let myself have a short walking break.  One thing I am proud of, even though I walked some in this race, I didn’t walk nearly as much as previous races.  I don’t normally even remember how many walk breaks I take, but this race, I took 3 very short walk breaks in the last 1.1 mile of the race.

We turned a corner and there was the finish line.  Still in the distance, but there.  I took my last short walking break and then promised myself I would run to the end.  So I did.  Normally I can give it a good kick at the end, but I was lucky to just keep moving at this point.  I really tried to run harder so I could get an even better time, but there was just nothing left in the tank.  I crossed the line at 33:28.  Almost a full 3 minutes quicker than my previous best.  A minute and a half under the the 35 mark I targeted for this race (I actually said sub 35..but you know what I mean).  Andy and I were talking after the race (before I knew my official time) and I said “I think my time was like 32 something.”  He said, I think it was in the 33’s.  I fully admitted to possibilities of having a delusional moment at the end though.  When I was done, I was really done.  I feel like I gave it everything I had. I pushed hard.  No regrets.


That’s the important part right.  I think it is.  I’m not too upset that I walked some because I still accomplished my goal time and I feel like I left nothing on the table.

On the upside, they had pizza at the end.  At first, I was like, there is no way I could eat pizza right now.  However, after cooling off for about 10 minutes and stretching, that pizza called my name.  So I went and got a slice and some fruit to even it out.  Nothing tasted so good in that moment.  We hung out and watched the awards (which we almost never get to do because of work) and headed back home about 8:30.

A few exciting points, we had an Olympian (ANTHONY FAMIGLIETTI) there and he broke the course record and ran it in a 14:30! That’s insanely quick.  He was finishing before I was even half way there.  It was very neat to hear about that and very cool that such a great athlete came out to run the Hot Summer’s Night 5k. Overall it was a very competitive race.  The times people finished in where just insane, and I realized that I need to shave off another 8-9 minutes really to be competitive in my age group.  That’s a lot of time.

After the race, while I was eating my pizza, we were also visited by a guy promoting another event.  The same people who do the Jailbreak Run are doing the Jailbreak Escape on September 7.  He was handing out flyers, so that’s really all the info I have to give, but it’s basically an obstacle course I think and they are allowing 2 person teams.  It says you can register on Strictly Running’s website, but they also have a facebook page:


Just thought it looked interesting and I’d pass it along.  I don’t think we will be able to do it because we have already signed up for so many other races this fall.

Anyway, this has gotten insanely long, but all in all I consider it a success and a very fun race.  Something we will more than likely be doing again in the future.  Thanks for sitting through this ridiculous recap.  I’ll try to be more brief in the future.  I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week and has a great week!

Weekly Mileage Update

Good Afternoon! I’m here doing my weekly mileage update because if I don’t then before you know it, it will be the end of the week and this won’t be done.  Isn’t it crazy how time just flies!  We get so wrapped up in the day to day routines of life and the days and weeks just go right by.  

On to the numbers…

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 5.5 Miles – Treadmill Run
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 2.87 Miles – Outside Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Hot Summer’s Night 5k – 3.1 Miles

Weekly Mileage Goals: 11.1 Miles

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 11.58 Miles

Yay! Another successful week in the books.  Tuesday became a rest day after I got a tooth pulled and told not to do strenuous activity for the first 24 hours.  So that led to the 2.87 miles outside Wednesday night.  Then it was a few rest days before the Hot Summer’s Night 5k on Saturday night.  I’ll do a recap on that next, but let’s just say, it ended well and I was very happy with my time.  

This coming week I’m planning to do 12.5 miles, but I already have a feeling I’ll go over again.  Time to make sure I’m sticking with the foam rolling and stretching.  I hope everyone has a good week and I’ll talk to you later. 


Weekly Running Update

Hello everyone!

After some gentle pushing by the hubby..I’m writing this post tonight.  I don’t know that I’m really up for it.  I got a tooth pulled today and was feeling great while I was still numb..but the numbness is starting to wear off and the pain pill opportunities can’t come quick enough.  My gum is insanely sore and tender!

Anywho..let’s get into last week’s running.

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 5 Miles – Treadmill Run
Tuesday: 2.09 Miles Outside Run – 1 Mile Stationary Bike
Wednesday: Stretch Day
Thursday: 4.05 Miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Rest Day

Weekly Mileage Goals: 11 Miles

Actual Weekly Mileage Total: 11.14 Miles – 1 Biking Mile

So it was a much better week this week.  I think re-evaluating my running plan and setting goals that are closer to my running ability helped me push past the uncomfortable level and gave my body time to rest as well.  Completing my goals this week was much better on my self esteem and my confidence.  Foam rolling and incorporating a true stretch day in my week was very helpful as well.

This coming week will be a little different because Andy and I are running the Hot Summers Night 5k on Saturday night.  I can’t wait because this will be the first 5k since I got serious about running and I’m anxious to see how I do.  Hopefully I come back next week with a great running week and a successful race.

So how is everyone else doing..I know a lot of people are in the process of training for other races.  It seems like race season is upon us..at least for us anyway.  We have a race about every 2 – 3 weeks from here until the middle of October.  We just signed up for a random 5k/10k in Coshocton, OH for August 17th.  We are going to be visiting Andy’s parents that weekend in Marietta, OH and this is about 2 – 2.5 hours north of where they live.  So why not get up uber early to go run a race in a different state?!  I’ll be doing the 5k and Andy will be doing the 10k.  We are also contemplating the Columbia Half in December…but I’m a little nervous.  That’s a big jump from where I am now and that little nagging voice in me says I will be pushing too hard, but the optimist in me says I have time to train still and that I can do it.  It might not be my best time possible, but just being able to finish will be awesome for me for my first ever half.  We’re getting way ahead of ourselves though.  I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll talk to you guys later.

Don’t Look too Closely…

…at the dates on this blog.  If you do, then you will see how SLACK I have been on updating.  As in, haven’t posted since 2012 slack…that’s awful.  However, if you have been following me since the last time I posted, you will notice that the blog has gotten a wardrobe change.  Nothing fancy, in fact, it’s the opposite of fancy.  It’s simple, easy, clean.  If you are reading this through a reader then click through for just a second to take a look.  I’ve also added a couple of new tabs to showcase (and hold myself accountable) my recently revitalized excitement for running.  I’m sure I’ll add more tabs for other things as time goes on.  Speaking of readers…in case you have fallen off the blog reading planet and are reading this through Google Reader (and haven’t gotten the annoying popup a million times already), it’s time to switch.  Google Reader is going away as of July 1st.  So if you haven’t jumped ship yet, you’re still on a sinking one..time to find a new reader.  I recently switched to Feedly and so far it’s not too bad.  The Iphone app is decent as well.  There are a bunch out there though..so look around before making a decision.

So to bring in some updates:

Part of the reason why I’ve been so slack with the blogging is because work has been very busy this year.  I’m managing two new home communities and they have kept me busy enough that when I get home at night..the last thing I want to do is think and blogging requires thinking.  However, I’ve finally found a better balance and have gotten back into this blogging thing.

In the past 6 months, we have had a lot going on.  Like I said, I’ve been very busy with work, but Andy has been as well.  He recently switched companies and while he is still selling with the same builder, he is selling in a better neighborhood.  By better I mean, more successful.  The new community he is in now offers more to the buyer and is a higher price point of home.  You can follow his blog and real estate tales over here.

We’ve also been in the process of trying to build a new house…it’s a slow going process, but we’re getting there.  I’ll post pictures once there is something other than dirt.  I’m really excited about the new house though and can’t wait to share all the decorating ideas, moving ideas, and of course all pics of the details.  In the meantime I will continue to pin like crazy for inspiration.

June has been an interesting month for me healthwise.  The switch finally clicked on for running.  Earlier this year it did that for drinking water.  I used to be an avid Coca Cola drinker and I didn’t realize how horrible it was making me feel until I started drinking more water.  Now, water is what I crave.  Sure I drink a coke here and there..but I usually can’t get through half of it before I can’t drink anymore.  Water is my daily drinker.  Hydrating so much throughout the days and weeks also makes me feel a little less guilty when I indulge in an alcoholic beverage.  Anyway, back to the running…we have run three 5k races so far this year.  Going into each one, I didn’t really have a set goal.  I just was going to go do it and see where I ended up.  If you check out the 2013 races tab, you will see that each of these 5ks got progressively slower.  Finally, at the end of the See Spot Run 5k in May, I realized that I wasn’t happy with my finishing time and how horrible of a run it was.  Starting at that point I made a running plan and am doing my best to stick to it.  I’ve had down runs and days where I was too sick to run, but I try to make up those miles in time.  I’ve set race goals for myself and am pushing harder every week.  I’m hoping to run my first 10k in September and my first 12k in October.  Andy is doing this well.  It’s great having someone to talk about runs with and someone who knows just how you feel when a run doesn’t go your way.  I’d like to do a full marathon some day.  That’s the end running goal..after that who knows what else I’ll do..let me get there first.  It will be a journey that’s for sure.  At this point I can’t even run a full 5k.  I’m hoping to be able to run my first 5k in August without walking.  That will feel like a major accomplishment for me and I can’t wait until I am at that race.

Wow..this post has gotten really long…guess I’m just ready to talk now.  So instead of boring you guys further today, I’ll stop for now and talk more later.  Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend!