Marathon Training – Weekly Workout Recap

So it’s weeks like this that I kind of feel like a fraud in this whole marathon training.  The week got the best of me and I didn’t complete nearly the runs scheduled.  My Sunday long run got bumped to Monday (Labor Day) and it’s kind of thrown this week into a tailspin as well.

I only ran twice in what would be considered last week’s schedule.  Wednesday I did 3.7 miles.  It was supposed to be 6.  I was going to do a lap out to get the 3.7, come home and get Yota and take him for the rest.  Well the closer I got home, the more I realized I was losing precious morning light that I wanted for a photo shoot.  So I decided I would go home, do the shoot and then run with him afterwards.  That didn’t happen.  We instead went on a relaxing walk around the neighborhood.

The long run was 16 miles this week and that’s what I did (16.05 to be exact).  My goal was to keep my pace under 13:30 and it came in at 13:15.  While it was under goal, it was frustrating because again I was keeping it under 13 and then I hit a wall.  It was a mile later this week at Mile 14, but still when it hit, it was rough.  I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong.  We set out water the night before to refill on the route and I drank plenty (I refilled all 3 bottles completely at least once-2 water, 1 nuun), ate a clif bar pre-run, and took gu at 4, 8, and 12.  I feel like I’m getting plenty in my body.  I stopped to stretch at Mile 11 as well.  I’m hoping that I don’t hit the wall this early in the actual marathon.

I was proud that I did 16 though.  That’s a lot of miles in my book.  This week brings more though.

So this week’s schedule is already off to a rough start.  I was supposed to do 6 this morning.  I did about 3.5.  There were just not 6 miles in my legs or my cardio this morning.  It was decently foggy too and I just felt like all of the fog and humidity was hanging on me. I’m glad I got up and did something though.  So here’s this week’s schedule.  I’m organizing it Tuesday – Monday since the long runs are moved to Monday’s for the next few weeks.

Tuesday – Yoga

Wednesday – 6 Miles (planned)

Thursday – 6 Miles

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Spin class w/ a friend

Sunday – Rest

Monday – 17 Miles

Wish me luck..I’m aiming to get something done on at least every day planned.  Last week I didn’t and I felt it on my long run.  My legs just felt like lead.

The countdown is on to the marathon.  Less than 2 months to go (45 days from today).  Excited for it, but kind of wish it was here.  I don’t know if I would make it, but I feel like my mental game on long runs is decently strong right now and I don’t want to lose it.

Until next week, I hope everyone has a great week.  Looking forward to the forecasted cooler temps in the morning next week.

Kristen Brumbaugh is currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I am running under a charity bib for the Girls On The Run organization.  This will be my first marathon.  If you are interested in donating to my fundraiser for the Girls on the Run, please visit my fundraising page here.


Marathon Training – Weekly Workout Recap

Good Morning! So this is a few days late, but such is life sometimes.  This week’s long run was a 15 miler.  My longest run to date.  It’s all distance records from here right?  Needless to say though, Sunday I was pretty much mush.  I did not feel nearly as light and bright as I did after last weeks run.  I made it through though and I’m still alive to tell the tale.

We’ll see how the rest of the long runs go, but I’ve realized that if I just focus on the mile I am in, I can get through it.  I did have one moment around mile 13 this week where I almost texted Andy to come pick me up whenever he got home from his run.  I started having this really bad pain on the outside of my left calf and it was brutal.  Even after the run, it was very sensitive to the touch.  Thankfully it’s pretty much gone away at this moment, but I’m a little concerned because I had no idea what it was.  It did’t really feel like a cramp or the general soreness that you feel and it didn’t hurt on the other leg.  I’m hoping it doesn’t come back this week.

As far the rest of the week, I did two other runs which isn’t great, but not awful.  Monday I ran 7 miles and Wednesday I ran 3.  The miles on Wednesday were tough.  I really didn’t want to go, but Andy helped motivate me and we got out the door together and knocked out 3.  It wasn’t the 5 I was supposed to do, but as Gary Vaynerchuck would say 1 is greater than 0.  The rest of the week didn’t go as well.  Also, we’ve moved our long runs to Sunday because we have more available time on Sunday mornings and we’ve got a few Friday night get togethers we don’t want to miss.

This coming week, my workout plan looks like this:



W-Run 6 Miles – Sub 12

T-Run 7 Miles – Sub 13

F-Run 6 Miles – Sub 12


S-16 Miles Sub 13:50

That said, I’m not sure Thursday’s run will happen because I have a morning meeting.  In regards to the pace goals, I did meet them.  My long run last week came in at a 13:10 and I really wanted to make sure I was under 14.  I was super bummed though because I was sub 13 for the first 13 miles.  Then that pain in my leg hit and it was downhill from there.

So I think that about wraps up this weeks workout recap.  Let me know in the comments below if you’d like more posts during the week about things other than my running.  I’m not the most interesting person in the world, but I am running a startup marketing company and that always has its excitement.  Otherwise, I’ll see next weekend.

Kristen Brumbaugh is currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I am running under a charity bib for the Girls On The Run organization.  This will be my first marathon.  If you are interested in donating to my fundraiser for the Girls on the Run, please visit my fundraising page here.

My New Trainer

Last year was not a great running year for me. We did several triathlons, but running didn’t really get the focus it needed. That said, I have a strong goal of running my first half marathon and my first full marathon this year. My only issue, is that running hurts now. I messed up my foot somehow in January and it hurts pretty good after I run (during my run) and even if I just walk too long on it. This makes running difficult. However, I don’t want to lose my ability to stay in shape. So..I turned some of my focus towards a different sport. Cycling. With the weather still being in the freezing category and me not really having the right apparel to be riding in these conditions, I bought a trainer.


It seems really sturdy and strong.  I’ve only ridden on it a few times, but so far I am pleased.  I love seeing it all set up.  It’s like it’s just sitting there waiting for me and that kind of motivates me as well.

2015-03-01 20.12.45

I’ve been searching on youtube for videos to watch while I’m riding.  I’m still at that point where I need the motivation (and push) of a trainer video to increase my resistance and push harder.  While I don’t have a cadence sensor (yet), I’m just riding based on time at this point.  I’m totally lost on what I should be doing though and we all know how google can be.  It tells you so much information that you can’t get anywhere.  I’m still excited though and can’t wait to get back on it.

yes..I'm braving the naked face on the internet...

yes..I’m braving the naked face on the internet…

So tell me, do you guys ride on the trainer during cold/wet days?  Any tips on a great trainer ride?  What’s your trainer motivation?

Let’s Talk about the Weather literally..let’s talk about the weather.  How bizarre has it been in February?  That groundhog called for more winter and man did mother nature deliver.

Now, I haven’t truly experienced the brunt of the snowpocolypse that has occured in the past 30 days because I live in South Carolina.  We’ve had cold and rainy, but no snow.  I’m sure those of you that live in the north are thinking of how fortunate I am, but as someone who is more of a summer than a winter…I don’t see fortune.  For us, if it snows decently, we pretty much shut down.  This means I can work from home, stay in my pj’s and drink coffee and hot chocolate while snuggling up with my hubby and the stinker (aka my adorable furbaby – Yota).

No snow, means going out in miserably cold and rainy conditions and no one ever wants to do that.  So…mother nature, if we are going to keep with this cold thing..can you toss some of the white stuff our way..and make it stick.  Otherwise..let’s warm it up a bit.

Speaking of warming it up though…next week we are supposed to get up to 78 degrees! Beautiful right..but it look at all that rain.  Can Spring just arrive already?


FullSizeRender 5

While I know talking about the weather isn’t the most exciting topic..I’m kind of a nerd in that I OBSESS over the weather.  I check the daily/weekly/10 day and radar maps several times a day.   Maybe I’m hoping for a different outcome..although..that’s feeling a little close to the definition of insanity.  So..what about you.  Is there anyone out there that feels as passionately about the weather as I do?  Let me know in the comments below and we can obsess together.  

Weekly Update

Hey Everyone! I’m dropping in quickly. I had all intentions of catching up on race recaps and posting one tonight..but I have just hit a wall tonight. We were out of town and outside for most of the weekend, I think I’m fighting off a sinus infection (can’t I just be healthy for once), and I’m scheduled to get up early tomorrow for an 8 mile run. So this is going to be a quick one and then I’ll get back to race recaps tomorrow.

Last week I did a little over 7 miles on Monday and they were a hard 7 miles. It was my first long run since the Ray Tanner 12k and it hurt. Mentally I felt good, but physically my body felt every step. I made it through though and am glad I did it. Tuesday I did my second RPM (spin) class and loved it. I love the way I feel after a spin class. I’m taking them to get used to riding again and get used to using my new shoes for the bike. Currently when I try to ride the bike in the neighborhood, I am scared to DEATH! I don’t know why..but something about trying to hold my balance, being so high up, and being so wobbly just makes me so uneasy. So I am doing spin on Tuesdays and then doing practice rides around the neighborhood on Wednesdays. It’s hilarious (and SCARY!) because sometimes when I need to turn, my arms just lock up and I can’t turn. I’m also trying to get used to getting started and stopping..needless to say it has been interesting.
Thursday we were out of town and I ran 2.37 miles at the race track we were at near Atlanta. I was planning to do more, but after doing this hill…

…followed by about 5 more “rolling” hills…I was hurting and headed back for base. I was supposed to do a hill work out Saturday, but with feeling like crud and already feeling like I had done a hill workout of didn’t happen. It wasn’t a great workout week, but it wasn’t completely awful. I’ll take it. Alright..I’m headed to bed..I’ll catch up with everyone later. Good night!

Our New Home

So..I mentioned in a previous post that we are in the process of building a new home.  It is what has taken up so much of our time.  We are building with the company/builder we both work for and that allows to be more on the inside of what’s going on during the building process of our home.  It’s something that we have been dreaming about for years and we can’t believe that it is finally coming to fruition.  As of right now, we are looking to move in right around Thanksgiving.  In the meantime though..I’ll leave you with some exciting pics to bring you up to date!

I know this post was short on text..but you know you really just want to see the pictures for now.  I’ll update as we get closer to being done and tell you all about the gadgets and gizmos in the house.  Hope everyone has a great week!


Blythewood Labor Day 10k – Recap

I’m really struggling with this post.  I’ve never had such a roller coaster ride between two runs.  That’s what it was though.  My last post was about this unbelievable 6 mile run I did and how great it made me feel.  I was going into my first 10k feeling strong and confident.  Then Sunday afternoon, my stomach starting hurting and cramping up badly.  Nothing I ate was agreeing with me and I started to worry about race day.  I got up Monday morning and ate my normal pre-run/pre-race food..a banana.  My stomach was still cramping going up to the race.  I tried to smile through it and kept telling myself that it would go away when I started running.


I was stressing a little as well because this was the first race my family was doing.  My mom, brother, and sister were all doing their very first 5k race.  I’ve been running with my mom once a week to help get her ready and I was excited to see what she thought.  I did have to come to the conclusion the few days before the race that I couldn’t make her or the rest of my family like running.  I wanted them to be just as excited as I was about the race…I think they were excited..just not as excited as me.  So..we (Andy and I) got to the school where the starting line was around 7.  Our race started at 7:30 and the 5k started at 7:40.  My family showed up at like 7:25…talk about stressing me out!  So I tried to situate them real quick and then lined up for the 10k start and tried to get in my zone.

The horn sounded (I actually remember seeing and hearing a horn at this race) and we were off.  I quickly lost site of Andy per usual and began to focus on my race.  I got about a mile into the run and my stomach really started to make itself known.

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of each mile because it wasn’t pretty.  I was hurting bad and running was just miserable.  There was definately some walking in this race.  There was actually thoughts around mile 4 that if anyone I knew drove by at that point..I would seriously consider a lift back to the school..yea a dnf…on my first 10k.  However, no one drove by and so I just kept moving.  I took water at every stop and even though I didn’t really need to fuel on this race..I ate the last shotblok I brought with me for just in case.  It didn’t help.  Nothing helped.  I got to the point where I was about a half mile to the was also the most visible portion of the race…everyone at the school would be able to see you..I knew I couldn’t walk the last half mile..although by that point I was doing run 1/walk 1 intervals.  My pride wouldn’t let me walk where everyone could see me though.  So just before I went around the corner for that last half mile, I stopped.  I literally stopped during a race and allowed myself 20-30 seconds to breathe, pep talk, and pull it together for half a mile.  Then I ran…I ran the last half mile to the finish and as I turned the final corner to the finish line I ran harder.  I pushed with everything I had.  I opened my stride to try and pick up speed and I just pushed.  I wasn’t going for a time at this point, I had way passed my hard time and was just past my slow time.  No..I was pushing because I knew the faster I went, the quicker I would get to the finish line and could stop running.

And that’s what I did.  As soon as I crossed the finish line I stopped running.  However, I couldn’t stop walking.  Andy said that he and my family were waiting at the finish line, but I didn’t see them.  I was in too much of a zone of pain, disappointment, and embarrassment.  So I kept walking past the crowds at the finish line.  At some point someone handed me a bottle of water…I don’t remember seeing who it was..I just kept walking.  I walked closer to the school and leaned against the wall to stretch.  I needed some sense of privacy and facing a brick wall was the best it was going to get.  I knew I needed privacy because I was angry and upset.  As soon as I started to stretch, the tears started falling.  I don’t know why I was crying, but I couldn’t stop.  I was so upset over my first 10k being such a failure.

Andy came up after a few minutes to check on me and as soon as he placed his hand on my back, I felt fresh tears starting to fall.  He always has that effect on me when I’m upset.  I think that when he holds me or comforts opens up a whole other level of vulnerability that just makes me cry harder.  Anyway, I told him what went wrong and how bad my stomach was hurting.  I was trying to calm down, but I could tell that I still probably looked like a red face cry baby.  I could feel my family somewhere behind me, but I just couldn’t stand to turn around and face them looking like such a mess.  I was embarrassed by my race and embarrassed that I broke down so publicly.   I wanted to motivate them and set a good running example and make their first race experience a happy one where everyone had a great time.  Not one where they saw me in tears after a grueling race that I almost didn’t finish.  I felt defeated.

Eventually I was able to gather myself though and join the group.  We hung out for the awards and for the times to be posted.  I’m so proud of everyone.  Andy for doing his second 10k race and still having a good time, my mom for doing her first 5k and finishing in 10 minutes less than any time we did during training and my brother and sister for actually waking up early to race and for both finishing 2nd in their age groups.  I tried to smile and laugh my way through for the sake of not being a total dud..but I just really wanted to go home.  I wanted to wallow in my defeat.   Thanks for everyone for not making a big deal out of it though.

I wish I could say that I’ve moved past it.  I understand that everyone has a bad race every now and then and that I can build from this.  Mentally, I know that…I know that it’s just one race..but emotionally..I’m still defeated and hurting.  Emotionally, it’s still too raw and it’s uncomfortable to talk about the race.  It was my first 10k and it totally sucked.  I was miserable the whole time and I don’t even want to think about reliving it.  Writing this brings tears close to the surface that I struggle to keep down.  I haven’t moved on yet and I don’t know when I will…it was my first 10k and it went very poorly.

I know I have the opportunity to redeem myself in a few weeks at the Dam run…but it won’t be my first.  I have no doubts I’ll have better runs..but they won’t be my first 10k.  I think I’ll remember this run for a while.  I think it’s going to take longer than a minute for this run to not feel so raw.