The 2nd Time I ran 13 Miles

Yesterday I ran 13 miles for the second time in my life.  The first time was the Palmetto Half Marathon I did in April.  My pace is a good bit slower, but I feel like I was more prepared for it this time around.  After the half I was miserable all day and just dead to the world.  Yesterday I was functional at least.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, so I’ll update you on why I’m running 13 miles.

Andy and I are running the Marine Corps Marathon this coming October.  We both entered the lottery this past March and Andy got in.  I wasn’t so lucky, but I did sign up under a charity bib for Girls on the Run.  Speaking of, thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  If you haven’t checked out my fundraising page, you can check it out here.

As it gets closer we’re getting more excited, but it’s also becoming more real.  Every long run from here out is a personal distance record.  This coming weekend is 15 miles…that’s kind of scary.

Anyway, I wanted to post my workout plan for this coming week and I’ll recap it at the end of the week.

M-7 Miles (sub 13 pace)

T-Rest Day (I have an early morning meeting every Tuesday and it’s still too hot to run in the PM for me)

W-5 Miles (sub 12 pace)

T-7 Miles (sub 13 pace)

F-Rest Day – At home stretching and Yoga

S-Long Run 15 Miles (sub 14 pace)


I’m posting my pace goals for the runs because I’ve really struggled on pace and I’m trying to work on bringing it down.  My pace for my 13 miler was 14:14 and that’s not going to work for the MCM.  So I’m taking baby steps to bring it down.

I’m really trying to use this blog as a training tracker for those that have donated for the marathon.  You can also catch me on twitter where I usually post a quick tweet about the day’s run.

I’m also working on trying to eat better, but I’ll talk more about that as time goes on .  I know how important it is for my body to have the right nutrition and hydration to make me successful on my runs.  If anyone has any suggested reading, podcasts, or videos about running nutrition in every day life (not on the run), I would love to hear about it.

I’m definately seeing more foam rolling and stretching in my future, this day after soreness is no joke.  Until next time, I hope everyone has a great week.